The translators' page

    You can help us to translate the applications which have a multilingual support. You can choice to translate the user interface, the help, or better, the both ones. It is recommended to have a system in the destination language to translate (for ex.: a russian system to translate into russian), but it is not mandatory.

    To receive the data to translate, send me a mail (in english or in french) with the following link: Ask for translation. In your mail, You must specify the following points:

    To translate the interface, you need a sofwtare which can handle the Excel 2000 format.

    The help will be sent to you as a HTML file. You will have to send back it in the same form (and maintain the style).

    Other data (images, various files...) can also be translated.

    It would be great you keep the contact with us by email in order to translate the add-ons for the new versions. Your name and your email will be displayed in the translators list.

    You can ask for the files to see the amount of work and decide to not proceed. You're worth seeing. Nevertheless, tell me if you decide to stop translation, I can give it to anyone else. Thanks for your help.

Authors of the various linguistic versions :

        My great thanks to people who voluntarily helped me to translate the programs.

Interface: Help:

Interface: Help:

Interface: Help:

MSS Converter for Android™

Interface et/ou aide:

MSS Converter for Pocket PC

Files for translation are available here : MSS Converter - Translation

Interface and help: