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Frequently asked questions:

-> "I got problems dowloading XXXXX."
   Multimania server may be down. Try later. A relay may also cut communications. In these two cases, I unfortunately can do nothing. It is recommended to use software like Gozilla or Getright to download files. Those are able to recover a download. Please note that canadian users seems to have some troubles to download files from Multimania. The cause of the problem is unknown. You can also download software from the mirror.

-> "I'm looking for uninstall the software XXXXX and I can't find it in the <Add/Remove programs> dialog box in the Windows Control Panel."
    First, only 32 bits programs are provided with an automatic uninstall process. For Windows 3.1 applications, the way to use is described in the help file. Applications designed for Windows 95/98 and NT4 have all an uninstall key that looks like " Micromega Software System XXXXX". You have to look at "M", and not at the program initial. This precaution allows to not use the same key as another software which could have the same name.

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